Marcia Molnar | Dust N’ Dogies
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Dust N’ Dogies

48 x 36 inches

oil on linen


2016 Cowboy Poets Poster

Two Below The Hocks

Terry Nash  8/2016

Catch two below the hocks and then drag ‘em to the fire,

Work ‘em slow and easy, lest you stir the bosses’ ire.

The family’s at the fire with hot irons and vaccination.

Young and old, each has a job in this time-worn occupation.

Catch two below the hocks, then bring ‘em slow and steady,

There ain’t no time to tarry for the ground crew’s at the ready.

There’s a couple hundred calves to brand; we’ll have ‘em worked by mid-day.

Turn each one out, mother him up and know we’ve earned our pay.

It’s a cowman’s rite of spring, this brandin’ calves traditon;

A western “sport of kings”, and an honored avocation.

So catch two below the hocks boys,  We’ll sing your praises loud-

We’re feedin’ America good red beef!  So set your horses proud!